Watson Security Group, Inc. has reopened the Argens service center located at 84 S Main St, Seattle WA!

Argens has been providing service at their Pioneer Square location since 1880. After briefly closing the location for a few months Watson Security has reopened the location. Now customers have another location to go to for service. You can choose to get service from any or all of Watson Security’s locations. You are welcome toContinue Reading

Summertime is “Prime Time” for Thieves

Now that summer has officially started everyone is happy and excited. Thieves are no exception. In fact, they are really excited this time of year because we, as business owners and home owners, make it easy for them during the summer months. It’s warm outside, so what do we normally do? We either want toContinue Reading

Are you REALLY ready for the Holidays?

What a great time of year – all the excitement in children’s faces, parties to attend, time spent helping those less fortunate, great food, and lots of running around shopping for food and presents.  It’s a time of year that requires just a little more thought about what you are doing when it comes toContinue Reading

Are you “running with scissors” with your security?

Security can be likened to “running with scissors” if you aren’t putting the right measures in place to protect you and your business.  There was a great article in Bankers Online that talked about the steps necessary to be more secure.  They talked about two types of criminals, the “terrorists” and the “copycats”. Their article,Continue Reading

Fire rated safes ARE different…

We are constantly being asked questions about safes, all kinds of questions.  Many are focused on on one key question, “Is it worth it to spend more money on the higher rated safes for such things as fire protection or is it a waste of money?”  Good question and one that we thought might beContinue Reading

Apartment Security – what to include

Apartment or multi-family buildings are a key target for criminals.  Why?  Because it is like “one-stop shopping” for them.  Why go all over town looking for buildings and houses to break into, no knowing what each one has to deter you when you can hit an entire building that most likely has the exact sameContinue Reading

What really is a Locksmith?

OK, so this might be basic for some of you but you would be surprised how many times we get asked the question, “What exactly is a locksmith?”  So here is a bit more detail about what they are and what they’re all about.  If you have a different definition or some more great examplesContinue Reading

Grand Opening of Lockworks – Rob talks Watson

A few months back Rob Watson, CEO of Watson Security, had the opportunity to give the “elevator speech” to the Redmond Chamber of Commerce and other guests during the Grand Opening of Lockworks in Redmond.  It was a great event, kicking off with the ceremonial “ribbon cutting” by Rob and the Mayor of Redmond, JohnContinue Reading

Don’t forget the OBVIOUS…

Security is one of those areas where people can go to great lengths to make sure they are “secure” in their offices or homes.  We should know, people hire us every day to help them “lock down” their premises with all kinds of security from a simple lock to a safe to sophisticated electronic surveillanceContinue Reading

Go all the way or don’t go at all…

When it comes to security, just having the “hardware” isn’t being secure.  Sure, having a great lock system and safes and a host of other physical security solutions helps deter the bad guys – but there is more to making sure you are completely secure – monitoring. There was an interesting story out of SanContinue Reading