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Apartment Security – what to include

Apartment or multi-family buildings are a key target for criminals.  Why?  Because it is like “one-stop shopping” for them.  Why go all over town looking for buildings and houses to break into, no knowing what each one has to deter you when you can hit an entire building that most likely has the exact same security for every apartment?  Now, while most criminals don’t take the time to do the analysis, they soon figure it out.  If they can get into one apartment easily, they can certainly hit a few more while on the premises.

We do a lot of work with Property Managers and Complex Managers for apartments and condominiums.  Our goal is to not only be readily available and accessible on a moments notice but to help them understand some of the best security options available to them at a reasonable cost.  There is no question it is a differentiator for the apartment complex if their renters feel they offer more security than another similar complex.  So many are using this as a key component, especially with crime rates on the rise due to the economy and other factors.

There was a good article published online by The Crime Doctor, “Apartment Security – Technology Promotes Safety“.  The author, Chris McGoey, talks about some areas to consider that we thought were a good overview of the areas apartment owners should consider.  There are several that are certainly common sense and some that we would encourage you to consider further – especially the ones around Security Technology and Access Control.  These are the two primary areas we help our Apartment building customers get the best protection for their needs.

If you would like to know more about some of the latest technology advances in this area, give us a call or click on the Contact Us” button at the top and we would be happy to answer any of your questions or direct you to the best resource.  Be safe…

6 Responses to Apartment Security – what to include

  1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, moving into an apartment is tough enough without having to worry about security issues. But being smart, aware of your surroundings, and putting the necessary precautions in place will prevent the majority, if not all, of the security and safety issues.

  2. Hey, The above tutorial with the picture you have posted here is too good. Even it helpfull to all for the security regions when we are reallocating.
    The blog you have posted here is too Nice. I like it, and visit here regurarly.
    Keep sharing.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Security of our family and our beloved is what everyone cares about while moving to apartment.But thanks to the technology- security cameras are helpful for monitoring any foul play.

  4. Video surveillance makes it easy to keep your residents safe. Tenants will know that when they their property, apartment security cameras are looking out for them. A camera mounted at the entrance can prevent intruders from slipping in behind your tenants at locked entrances and can discourage violence and other crimes from occurring on your premises.

  5. Video surveillance is false security. I have them and all you can do with the information is watch what they did. The police don’t want to see the video and the tenants want you to catch them. Video…useless. Latch guards also give the tenants a false sense of security. Burglars still pop the door right open. Use the new technology..if there is any? Silent alarms, pull down gates. Good luck

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