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“Bait ‘n Switch” – still alive in security…

What do you call it when someone quotes you a price for something and then “jacks it up” when they see the opportunity?  Lots of words probably come to mind, like “Bait ‘n Switch” or “Illegal” or “Untrustworthy” or “Dishonest” or “Unscrupulous” or a host of others we probably can’t say on the open airwaves.  The bottom line is, today, we have options – its called the internet and social media and it allows us to tell a whole lot of people about those trying to soak us with unethical practices.  You have the same options and should use them.

Case in point is a story out of Fort Meade in Pasadena, CA as reported by the Maryland Gazette Hometown GlenBurnie in an article, “Army Bans Pasadena Locksmith“.  Since we are in the security business we wanted to share an example of how even in security there are those out there that choose to take advantage of others and don’t realize the power of the internet.  Just look at what we are doing here – sharing a story out of Pasadena, CA that was reported in Maryland in the Pacific Northwest.  The beauty of today is it gives you, the business owner, options against unethical behavior and helps you decide who is ethical and who you want to do business with.  Think anyone that reads this or the original article will call Around the Clock Locksmiths?  Don’t think so…

Our point in sharing this is two fold.  First, when you get a bid from a security company, get it in writing with the understanding no work will be completed (or started for that matter) until you both agree to the charges and get a description for what they entail.  If someone says they have a “base fee” and lots of “extras” you should keep shopping.  Second point is that once you find an ethical, reputable and trustworthy security company that “has your back” and will be there for you, stick with them.  We know there aren’t lots of them out there but we believe the ones that are really stand out.  Don’t be afraid to talk to the CEO/Owner and look them in the eye and get a commitment for service.  We do that all the time with our clients so we expect it – so should you.

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