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Don’t forget the OBVIOUS…

Security is one of those areas where people can go to great lengths to make sure they are “secure” in their offices or homes.  We should know, people hire us every day to help them “lock down” their premises with all kinds of security from a simple lock to a safe to sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment.  But sometimes, the most simple and obvious breaches come when you least expect it.

There was a story out of Hollywood, “Universal Studios has massive security breach caused by…A.A. meetings?!“, that I wanted to share with you because it was so appropriate to this issue.  Apparently, as the story goes, Universal Studios claims to have some of the best security around and invests hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain this security.  At least they thought they did.  Apparently, it was as easy to walk onto the Universal Studios lot by simply uttering the phrase, “I’m a friend of Bill’s” and you were granted access.

I don’t know about you, but I thought that only happened with our kids and their secret passwords their friends muttered to get into their fort or play house.  I guess it is still alive and well today.  Check out this story, at a minimum it is good for a laugh but more importantly, I would check out your own security and see if there are any “secret codes or handshakes” that would allow someone to easily breach your security – even if you have spent thousands of dollars on all the right stuff.

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