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Go all the way or don’t go at all…

When it comes to security, just having the “hardware” isn’t being secure.  Sure, having a great lock system and safes and a host of other physical security solutions helps deter the bad guys – but there is more to making sure you are completely secure – monitoring.

There was an interesting story out of San Francisco written about “Ineffective Security Cameras” in public housing.  The article makes a very direct point that many times is missed by a company or organization, such as the case with this public housing project.  In a nutshell, they put all the time and money into having a security company, like ourselves, come in and install a very extensive camera monitoring system.  On the surface this seems like a great move.  But when you read further, you find out that no one was there to monitor the activity in real time – thus the crime levels didn’t go down.

In fact, the crime kept increasing because either the criminals figured it out or they just realized they weren’t going to be caught.  The other interesting part of this story is the “quality” of the surveillance system.  Whoever decided on the particular cameras they used, didn’t take into account that most of the crimes happened at night and so it was important to be able to review “night footage” to determine who the perpetrators were so the police could track them down.  Apparently, the cameras were not high quality enough to show detail at night so they couldn’t identify many of the criminals.

Two morals jump out of this story.

  • If you are going to invest in any type of security system, make sure you go all the way and make it secure from top to bottom.  Don’t leave yourself vulnerable in one area because the criminal will capitalize on that weak link.  As in this case, monitor it if you install it so you can use the power of the technology to protect you and your assets
  • Make sure you get the right equipment for the right job.  In this case, they should have purchased surveillance equipment that was specifically designed for night use since this is when most of the crime happened.  A good security consultant will help you see these issues and should point them out so you don’t invest the money and not get the results.

So in the end, do your homework up front and go all the way so you know you are as secure as possible.

One Response to Go all the way or don’t go at all…

  1. Excellent post, you are absolutely right that just by installing system does not mean that you have protected your homes. If that was the truth then how come the rate in the crimes has not decreased? It is extremely important that you select the right system. Like you mentioned if you’re installing CCTV camera make sure it has night vision also, it can cover large area and they are out reach of criminals. By taking care of few points we can protect our homes.

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