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Hiring the “BEST” is a key strategy during tougher economic times.

With the recession in full swing, there are more scams and problems than ever before in security.  Why?  One of the main reasons is the “talent” that security companies employ.  There are a lot more people available today due to the closing of many smaller security companies – a problem every industry faces today.  When the economy was growing, it was easy for companies to get by with substandard employees because the demand was so high.  Today, the demand is much lower yet there are still lots of so-called “security professionals” out on the street.

A great report that talks about Proctor & Gamble and how they have really turned up the heat on hiring only the best, Evaluate Security Staff Against Best in Class Standards.  This report featured in Security Magazine talks about the reason behind P&G focusing on the best of the best.  There are a lot of risks to both the security company and their customers if someone hires substandard personnel.  Just because someone has a lower salary doesn’t make them a good hire.  Companies need to do more screening today than ever before to ensure they get reputable and qualified talent – especially in an area such as security.  Who do you want to entrust your security to?

From personal experience, we at Watson spend countless hours in researching potential employees before we hire them.  Boy could we tell some stories about many of the people we didn’t hire and yet got hired by someone else – scary when you think about it.  Whether someone uses us or another security company, do your research into the type of personnel they hire, where they have been and how long they have been in the industry working for reputable companies.  Getting burned once is once too many.

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