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“Lock Bumping” on the Rise…What to Look For

There was a great article (and video) written by ABC News this past week talking about the increase in “Lock/Key Bumping” throughout the nation. The article, “Police Across the Nation Concerned Over Rise in Use of Bump Keys,” talks about why the increase and what you can do about it. We wrote a similar blog post a few years back, “Lock Bumping and IT Department…the weakest link,” talking about the same issue.

This isn’t anything new…Lock Bumping has been around for a long time. The process is relatively simple to execute…inserting a key and gently “bumping” or “tapping” it to cause the locking pins to move around enough for the key to work and unlock the lock. Even as many of the standard locks have greatly improved over the years, the traditional “key and lock” system uses the same basic technology. This, however, doesn’t mean that “all locks are created equal.” They aren’t and some are much easier to bump than others. The more expensive, commercial grade locks are much more difficult to realign the pins than the cheaper versions found in your “big box” and other retail stores.

While the video below is a “news video” and creates some additional drama around “Key Bumping”, there are some interesting aspects that are helpful to watch. We inserted the ABC News video for you to save you some time…

The key to this and many other security issues is RISK. Every security situation carries a certain amount of risk. It is up to you, the business owner, property manager, or even home owner to determine the level of risk you are willing to accept. Based on this level of “risk tolerance” there is a security solution for you. For example, if “lock/key bumping” represented a high risk for you, it might be worth the investment move to an “intelligent cylinder” or “access control” solution and eliminate the risk of bumping altogether. While the cost is higher, the Peace of Mind may be very well worth it for your business or your home and family.

One of our primary roles as a Security Consultant for businesses is to help them assess the level of risk they feel comfortable with…this is a very personal decision. But knowing all the facts and issues around your risk gives you the information you need to make a more appropriate decision. If this video and article is really troublesome to you, I would suggest we stop by and help you better understand your risks so you can make the right decision and sleep better at night.

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