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Security Today Goes Beyond Your Physical Boundaries

It used to be safe enough if we secured the physical boundaries of our businesses…now it goes beyond our boundaries. If we put up cameras, lighting, fencing, access control, and a variety of other “physical” security boundaries we felt protected. Now we have IoT (the Internet of Things) to contend with and security has gone beyond our physical boundaries. It requires us to think differently.

Don’t get me wrong, the physical security side of the house is critically important for a business to have in place today. This should be the best “foundation” you can have to help protect your business against all forms of entry. With the increased sophistication of criminals in the market, having the right physical security is a “must have” to help minimize business RISK. At with all security, it is all about managing your Risk and ensuring it is at an acceptable level for your assets and employees.

The Internet of Things now allows for the connectivity of lots of devices to help us manage and maintain our security. We can do it from our phones, computers, tablets, and a variety of devices…all external to our secured building. With all of these “connected” devices available to manage our security it adds an additional risk beyond what we have done to secure our physical borders…cyberattack.

It’s important to remember that with all “electronic security” it has to originate from somewhere and it has to have a way to connect to some kind of device…usually a variety of devices. Wherever there is a “connection” there is a possibility of an attack. Take a simple example of a key employee who has electronic access, via their phone, to the security of your building. The employee loses their phone and for some reason it wasn’t locked. This means that the person now in control of the phone is now in control of the security of your building. They don’t need keys and access cards, they have your access device…your phone.

While this might sound simple and unlikely, it happens. And with the IoT there are lots of devices to keep tabs on with regard to security. If we take the same example where your employees have access to your security on their devices over the internet, what happens when they happen to be on someone else’s Wi-Fi network and it gets hacked and compromised. This means they can intercept the transmissions occurring through this network…including your security access. While they might be looking for credit card transmissions, gaining access to your building along the way is simply a bonus for the would-be criminal.

Security is all about RISK MANAGEMENT. Leadership inside an organization now has much more to consider when it comes to their Physical Security…it goes beyond the walls of their business. Physical Security today has many new technologies to make it even more secure than ever before but it also adds a new dimension of risk. Realizing this is an important component to any security plan has now become a necessity rather than a luxury due to the Internet of Things. This will only continue…

My recommendation is to make this a part of your Risk Analysis for the physical security of your buildings. Be aware this can exist and design a plan around minimizing or mitigating this type of risk as appropriate. If you ever have a question about this topic, please let us know. We would be happy to give you some guidance and direction to help your thinking and give you more “peace of mind” when it comes to protecting your assets and employees.

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