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Access Systems (mechanical and electronic)

This is about controlling access to your building.  This is an advanced security technique and process used to centrally manage employee entrances and exits.  This has specific components, such as video, badge access, elevator controls, key access, parking garage controls, etc.  We specialize in creating and installing customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  We also provide comprehensive training to your employees and others to get the most out of your systems.  OUR GOAL: Provide you with the “right” solution to ensure that you, your customers, and your employees assets will be protected at all times.

Today, the common key is simply inadequate if you want solid security.  Keys give access 24 hours a day and if a key is lost or an employee is terminated and doesn’t give the key back (or even if they do give it back it might have been copied) then usually the locks have to be re-keyed and new keys issued to everyone.  Not only is this inconvenient, it is expensive.  With a Card Access system, all these problems and issues are eliminated.  Cards can work certain times of the day and let you know who is doing what in your business.  These, combined with electronic locks, give you the most control, offer the greatest flexibility and offer the greatest value.

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