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It used to be safe enough if we secured the physical boundaries of our businesses…now it goes beyond our boundaries. If we put up cameras, lighting, fencing, access control, and a variety of other “physical” security boundaries we felt protected. Now we have IoT (the Internet of Things) to contend with and security has gone beyond our physical boundaries. It requires us to think differently. Don’t get me wrong, the physical security side of the house is critically important for a business to have in place today. This should be the best “foundation” you can have to help [more]
There was a great article (and video) written by ABC News this past week talking about the increase in "Lock/Key Bumping" throughout the nation. The article, "Police Across the Nation Concerned Over Rise in Use of Bump Keys," talks about why the increase and what you can do about it. We wrote a similar blog post a few years back, "Lock Bumping and IT Department…the weakest link," talking about the same issue. This isn't anything new...Lock Bumping has been around for a long time. The process is relatively simple to execute...inserting a key and gently "bumping" [more]
Where do you stop when it comes to security…at the door or camera or some other system? There is a deeper level to think about when it comes to your physical security…the security of your physical security systems. I know, it’s a tongue twister but is also very important. Here’s the question you should ask yourself, “How secure are  your physical security systems from unauthorized access?” This includes the physical equipment and its data. For example, if you have a camera system, how secure are the passwords, network, equipment and other components it takes to monitor [more]
Summertime is “Prime Time” for Thieves
Now that summer has officially started everyone is happy and excited. Thieves are no exception. In fact, they are really excited this time of year because we, as business owners and home owners, make it easy for them during the summer months. It's warm outside, so what do we normally do? We either want to cool it down because we don't have air conditioning (like most in the PNW) or we want to open the windows and doors to let the wonderful warm, fresh air to fill the room. Either way, it is an invitation to burglars. Not because they [more]
Are you REALLY ready for the Holidays?
What a great time of year - all the excitement in children's faces, parties to attend, time spent helping those less fortunate, great food, and lots of running around shopping for food and presents.  It's a time of year that requires just a little more thought about what you are doing when it comes to security.  So go enjoy your family, friends, and colleagues, but ask yourself a few questions from time to time and when you leave your house or office... Here is a "Holiday Top Ten Checklist" from a security perspective that might just make your holiday season [more]
Are you “running with scissors” with your security?
Security can be likened to "running with scissors" if you aren't putting the right measures in place to protect you and your business.  There was a great article in Bankers Online that talked about the steps necessary to be more secure.  They talked about two types of criminals, the "terrorists" and the "copycats". Their article, "Are You Running With Scissors? Physical Security: What You Should Be Doing Now!" talks about the difference between the two.  I loved their definition of the "copycats", where they said, "Terrorists are simply thugs with a fancy name. And a thug is a person who [more]
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