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To get started and start using our D2 Service™, just follow these simple steps…and if you ever have a question, simply Contact Us and we’ll answer all your questions.

Get Started…

  1. Give us the information in our REQUEST FOR SERVICE section completely and with as much detail as you can provide to make it easier for our technicians.
  2. Fill out the return SHIPPING LABEL at the bottom of the REQUEST FOR SERVICE page…please double check it for accuracy of address and contact information.
  3. Use your Browsers print function or the print icon at the bottom of the page and print the Shipping Label.
  4. Find a suitable box to ship the part(s) to us in that will protect the item.
  5. Put your part(s) AND put in the entire Shipping Label at the bottom of the page inside the box with your part(s).
  6. Create a shipping label to add to the box…address it to the following location.
    1. Watson Security
    2. 151 Rainier Avenue South
    3. Renton, WA 98057
  7. Put the Shipping Label on your box and make sure it is completely sealed.
  8. Determine your carrier of choice to send it to us.
    1. Many carriers will pick it up at your location if you give them a call or order pick-up online.
  9. Determine whether or not it should be insured and/or certified (based on the value and critical nature of the item).
  10. SHIP IT…you’re done!

We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your package so you know it is safely in our hands. That’s it…all you need to do and now you can get back to doing what you do best and we’ll do what we do best and get your repairs started immediately. Then we will get them right back to you just as fast as we can.

Thank you for using our D2 Service™…we know it will save you many hours throughout the year and eliminate many frustrations.

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