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How D2 Service™ Works

Here’s an overview of how this revolutionary service works…

  1. You determine you need a part repaired, some additional components to a part, new keys, copying a key, or any other service you would normally bring into one of our locations to be worked on…essentially everything that doesn’t need one of our service technicians to come to your location and have a service call. These are usually items that you will be installing or using yourself and where you don’t need one of our qualified technicians to assist with.
  2. Give us the information on the D2 Service REQUEST FOR SERVICE.
  3. Package up whatever you need repaired or created and SHIP IT TO US however best it works for you. You can also just tell us what you need if it isn’t something that needs to be repaired…such as a part or additional keys.
  4. We communicate back with you when we receive it and let you know if we have any questions before we begin to do the work.
  5. We work on it as soon as we get the order.
  6. We’ll RETURN IT BACK TO YOU…with NO RETURN SHIPPING COST TO YOU…that’s right, the cost is on us to get it back to you
  7. We COMMUNICATE with you through the entire process to ensure we do what you need and that you receive it in a timely manner

That’s it…no more hassle, no more wasted time, and at a lower cost and less risk!

GET STARTED…it only takes a few minutes and you’re back doing what you need to be doing instead of driving around town dropping of items to be repaired.

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