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Physical Security Hardware

Physical Security is an indispensable part of an Integrated Security System. These services provide mechanical strength, safety, and convenience.

High quality door hardware helps doors to close properly and securely and prevents unauthorized parties from opening the door, while allowing authorized parties to open the door. Specialized door hardware is often necessary for building and life-safety codes. Our Security professionals are experts on physical security hardware.

Our physical security hardware solutions include:

  • High Security Locks and Keys (including patent-protected and restricted options)
    • Factory Restricted Key Duplication
    • Drill, Pick, and “Bump” Resistant Mechanisms
    • Custom Key Identification
    • Electronic Lock Cylinders and Keys (see Electronic Security section below)
  • Master Key Systems
    • State of the Art Keying Software
    • Creation, Tracking, and Maintenance of Keying Systems
    • Keying System Assessment and Take-over
  • Electromechanical Hardware (see Electronic Security section below)
    • Electrified Locksets (with integrated REX and latch-bolt monitoring)
    • Electrified Exit Devices
    • Electric Strikes
    • Magnetic Locks
    • Reinforced Strike Plates
    • Wrap-around and Cover Plates
    • Full-length Astragal Guards
    • Latch Guards
  • Keyless Entry
    • Push Button and/or Card Reader Locksets
    • Stand-alone or Networked
    • Card Access and Electronic Cylinders (see Electronic Security section below)
  • Exit Devices
    • “Panic Bars”
    • Exit Alarms
    • Delayed Exit Systems
    • ADA Compliant Hardware
  • Door Closers and Operators
    • Adjustable Door Closers
    • “Safe Zone” Hold-open
    • Automatic Door Operators
    • ADA Compliant Systems
  • Desk and File Cabinet Locks
  • Padlocks
    • High Security
    • Key-Retaining
    • Scheduled Access and Audit Trails (see Electronic Security section below)
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