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Interesting…Security planning same as Military planning

We’re always looking for interesting thoughts and discussions about security to help you be better prepared.  This was an interesting twist that we have not seen before yet is very appropriate for many companies and individuals.

There was a great blog post that talked about how closely planning for physical security is and planning in the military.  The post was by Eben Barlow and titled, “A (very) Brief look at Physical Security“.  I would encourage you to check it out.  Here are some interesting quotes from the blog.

Physical security is much like a military defensive position where every effort is made to prevent a breach into the defensive area. This requires detailed planning and is not simply a matter of guards, gates and locks, although these assets do play an invaluable role.  This can include breaking down the potential target into three distinct yet interrelated areas, all mutually-supporting, and include the:

· Area of Responsibility
· Area of Influence
· Area of Interest

The aim of physical security is to both deter attackers and convince attackers that the likely threat of detection and apprehension exceeds the risk of even making the attack.

Let us know what you think – especially if you have a military background.

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