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Welcome to our Most Valuable Customer Information page. This is where you can learn about all the current benefits being offered to our Most Valuable Customers (MVCs). Below is a list of the primary benefits of being one of our Most Valuable Customers. Stay tuned…we will be adding more benefits to this list for you in the coming months and throughout the year! But for now, here are the exclusive benefits you can enjoy today as an MVC…

Benefits of being one of our Most Valuable Customers

There are several specific benefits of becoming an MVC with Watson Security. These are the basics to the program as we roll it out to our customers. Additional benefits will be added over time as we see the opportunity to serve them even better and deliver and even greater experience. Below is the initial list of benefits our Most Valuable Customers will receive…

  1. Priority Treatment on all phone calls
    1. Dedicated phone line for us to transfer them to when calling in
    2. Calls from MVCs are answered before any other call
    3. Dedicated voice message line when no one is available
    4. First Call Back from voice message for our most prompt service
  2. Personalized online Opportunity/Service form for fastest response to solve their need
  3. Personalized e-mail address for any questions or needs…
  4. Personalized Cell Phone number to Call or Text when there is a high sense of urgency
  5. You are always in complete control of your company information and who has access to your page…we don’t add/delete/change anything on your page without your approval from our partner coordinator inside your organization
  6. Bi-monthly e-mail with latest blog posts to share what we find interesting in world of security
  7. Guaranteed 30 minute call back or response to e-mail when submitted through our Personalized Opportunity/Service form or Personalized e-mail address – or the next service call charge is half-price.
  8. Guaranteed best customer experience we have to offer at all times through all our employees – you are special and everything we do (and will do) is designed to make your experience better than it has ever been before.
  9. Direct line to the President/Owner, Rob Watson…his cell number is (206) 396-8985 if you ever need to get in touch with him to share your thoughts, get immediate assistance, or discuss an idea.
  10. Early access to any publications/articles we publish
  11. Other services to be announced in the future…

And if you were wondering what the criteria is to become a Most Valuable Customer, and it isn’t for everyone, here they are…

Requirements to become and MVC

Our MVCs are the most important customers we have today at Watson Security. They have become an MVC because of meeting certain criteria. They meet one or more of the following requirements to attain this elite status…

  • Sales volume
  • Length of time as a Watson Security customer
  • Number of transactions
  • Number of locations we serve
  • In an industry we are primarily focused on serving or desire to serve
  • Company size

Once someone has achieved MVC status with Watson, they will remain an MVC until at such time as they don’t meet at least one of the above criteria.

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