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Phony Locksmiths…

OK, this is an issue that most people are very unaware about and yet one I feel compelled to share with you as I see more and more of this happening today. When times get bad, security is one of those “top of mind” issues people have. We have seen an increase in demand of people wanting to me more secure and protect themselves just a little more than normal. Because of that and the economy, there are all kinds of strange people showing up and claiming they are in the “security business” – only to find out they are there to rip you off. Let me give you some ideas on how you can protect yourself from these predators.

Over the past year or so, there has been an alarming increase of people being ripped off by phony locksmiths companies – and they are currently operating in our area. They have very clever and deceptive ads that make it easy for someone to get lured into using their service.

For example, we did a Google search of our own name and found a fraudulent listing. The listing showed our correct name and address but had the phony locksmiths phone number attached to it. We called the phone number and told them we wanted to come to their location to have some keys made. They told us that they would have one of their locksmiths come to our location. We told him that we were going to be in their area today and would just like to stop by and pick up the keys. We asked if we had reached Watson Security’s/Nyberg lock and if the address listed is correct. We were told that yes, they are affiliated with Watson security and Nyberg lock and they would have the locksmiths stop at our location. I was shocked! Our companies have been in business since 1921 and I have never heard of anything like this before. This is corporate identity theft! And they are ready, willing and able to come by and rip off customers under our very reputable name.

I started researching other legitimate locksmith companies and found the exact same thing. The correct name, the correct address, and the phony locksmith’s phone number. I contacted the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) regarding this matter. They said they had been getting complaints from across the country about phony locksmiths. To get more information about phony locksmiths from ALOA, please visit and click on the phony locksmiths tab. The Federal Trade Commission has written an ARTICLE on the keys to hiring a reputable locksmith and information on how to file a complaint with them. I will continue to share ideas for you on how you can protect yourself from both the phony locksmiths AND with security overall.

Be aware and be secure…

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