What really is a Locksmith?

OK, so this might be basic for some of you but you would be surprised how many times we get asked the question, “What exactly is a locksmith?”  So here is a bit more detail about what they are and what they’re all about.  If you have a different definition or some more great examples or analogies, leave us a comment…

According to Wikipedia, here is their description of a Locksmith:

Locksmithing began as the science and art of making and defeating locks. A lock is a mechanism that secures buildings, rooms, cabinets, objects, or other storage facilities. A key is often used to open a lock. Means of opening a lock may include a security token or two-factor authentication for greater security, such as requiring both something you know (a combination) and something you have (a key or keycard).

I loved the phrase “defeating” the lock – how appropriate.  Based on our experience, our locksmith have a pretty high percentage for getting a lock open.  There are certainly those out there that can stump you for a bit but generally speaking, there isn’t a lock that can’t be opened, it just might take some serious time and equipment.  The other key part is that Locksmithing “is the assembly and designing of locks and their respective keys.”

So the basic concept is pretty straight forward, but as with most things, it is all about the execution.  For example, if a locksmith shows up with a large pair of pliers in one hand and a new lock to sell you in the other hand, be wary.  Most of the time our locksmiths can open a lock without destroying it and making you spend the money for a new one.  Sometimes they can’t, but this shouldn’t be the first solution.  Also, many times the lock is “marked up” significantly over what you could buy it for from a store – so again, know who you are dealing with and how they make their money.

There are also big differences in locksmith in regard to quality.  Of course they should be with a company that is bonded and insured, but how do you know about their reputation.  If all they have is a number listed in the Yellow Pages, you might be getting what you pay for – someone operating out of their truck waiting for their cell phone to ring.  Our recommendation is to check them out – get the names of some of their customers and their backgrounds.  In the end, it will cost you a lot less to work with a well-trained, experienced, and reliable locksmith than the ones that appear to be “inexpensive” on the front end.  I hope this helps – it is always nice to learn what others say what you do…

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  1. Katherine, this is a good question to pose about since most seem to think that a locksmith is all about operning doors when in reality a locksmith has a lot more to deal with on a daily basis. With more awareness people will be able to draw from the skills of a locksmith which includes preventive work so that one does not have to stand outside the house or car in the cold or even worse, so that the break-in does not have to happen!

  2. Locksmith is a respected profession and you should always make sure you work with pros that has a certificate and BBB license.
    there are a lot of scams out there and you should make sure you work with a respected company and professionals.

  3. Lock smith provides security and safety for our commercial and residential business. We can search many lock smith in our near by area but how to find reliable and an experienced lock smith? This is an important question for anyone one else reading this.

  4. It really is incredible to me that so many people still don’t know what locksmithing is! It’s been around for a very long time. Thanks for clearing up some of the common misconceptions, though. I appreciate it!

    Liz Ellsworth | http://www.otslocksmiths.com.au

  5. Yes the fact that there are so many locksmiths who exactly know how to open each type of lock with the desires skills. Locksmiths are still required for the emergency purpose and the market is still on the boost right now.

  6. Locksmiths are definitely a lucrative and experience necessary field. Not so much in Boise but in larger cities there are quite a few bad locksmith services. I love the way the local market is here in Boise. There is a couple reputable companies that for the most part all work together. I work for 24 Hour Boise Locksmith which is a full service company known for it’s low rates. If you’re in need of a locksmith definitely do some research before choosing one.

  7. Locksmith is also big profession and business. Locksmith services provides security to home, shops, malls and other business places. Locksmith is most trusted resource to secure our house when we go out on a function or any event.

  8. I really loved reading more about what locksmiths do. I’m one of the people that would be asking you that question! I know that locksmiths can open locks, but I wanted to know about everything else they can do too. I didn’t know that most locksmiths don’t have to destroy the old lock and make you pay for a new one. That’s news to me! I’ll make sure I don’t fall for that trick. http://www.maitlandlocksmiths.com.au/commercial

  9. Thank you for the article. I actually looked it up on Wikipedia,and then went to their references (more reliable) and your definition is spot on. Lock Smiths, in terms of the modern definition is the person you call if you have any sort of problems opening your door; be it, you locked yourself out of your house, you misplaced your keys, your key broke in the lock, or even, the locking mechanism will not turn or does not operate correctly. For the latter, I found a really neat trick that will help you overcome stuck locks that will not turn (this will also work for automotive issues), if you spray grease (WD40 or equivalent) it should loosen up the locking mechanism, if not, you have a bigger issue on your hands.

    Eric | http://www.sanpedrolock.co/Locksmith-Service-Long-Beach-CA.html

  10. I agree, making and defeating locks is a great and simple way to describe the job of a locksmith. I have noticed how there are so many different kinds of locks people use now days, and with the human element, it is so important to have someone who has the capability of manipulating these locks when the situation requires. Thank you for sharing this information on locksmiths, and for having explained the different qualities of work they can perform. Have a great day! Duranana | http://abbottlocksmiths.com.au

  11. In my opinion A locksmith is a professional to be compared with a family doctor, or a trusted mechanic who wont over charge you, and tells you whats really wrong with your car. The reason being, locksmiths are in close personal ties with your locks; the things that keep thieves out of your home, keep you sleeping soundly knowing that you wont be intruded on. Locks are an essential part of keeping your mind at ease, and those expensive things you cherish in your possession.

  12. I agree, the phrase “defeating” the lock is so appropriate to describe what a locksmith does. A locksmith’s job seems really important. Locks are an important thing to have in life to keep our homes, cars, and possessions safe. Locksmiths have a very important job to help people create locks and to help them with any trouble they may have with locks.

  13. That is a really great way to define what a locksmith really is and what it is that they do. The fact that you even the definition of the word and specifics on what it is that they do makes this post that much better. It is going to help those that really don’t know what it is that they do and will inform them of the help that they can receive as well.

  14. Hello Katherine, I would appreciate your thoughts & ideas that you have shared in this post to present the profession of Locksmith as a science art. It would be valuable post for your all readers. I will forward to more updated posts on your blogs. Have a nice day! ThankYou!

  15. Thanks for the information. To be honest, I guess I didn’t really know what a locksmith is exactly. Like you said, I love how they use the phrase “defeating the lock”. That does seem really appropriate for describing what a locksmith does.

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  17. I agree, there are a lot of differences in locksmith companies. If you ask me, it’s smart to look up the options before you’re actually locked out. Then you’ll know exactly where to turn in an emergency. It can end up saving you a lot of time.

  18. Thank goodness for automotive locksmiths. I have locked my keys in my car more times then I could count. And without them, I don’t know what I would have done. I really like that phrase “defeating” the lock as well. It shows that locksmiths main priority is to help us out as much as they possibly can. Anyways, thanks for posting this information. It’s nice to learn a little bit more about locksmiths and what they do.

  19. I’ve always wondered what the locksmith really does. Its interesting how defeating the lock is the main job of the locksmith. Most people call a locksmith when a lock isn’t working and so it makes sense how that would be a main job. Thanks for the information.

  20. Nice blog. I agree locksmith have a pretty high percentage for getting a lock open.
    A locksmith is a professional to be a trusted mechanic who wont over charge you, and tells you solution when you locked out the home or car.

  21. The work that locksmith’s do for a living is not easy and it takes a lot of skill to be good at. It’s like the second paragraph says, locksmithing started out as the science and art of making and defeating locks. It may have changed a little since then, but the over all idea of what a locksmith does is still the same. I’m grateful for locksmith’s and all the work they do for our communities.

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