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Are you really secure with your Locks?

Most people think if they have a lock and it is engaged there is nothing to worry about.  We beg to differ.  This can sometimes lead to a false sense of security and you might be surprised at how vulnerable your business really is if the wrong locks are in place.

One rule of thumb if you are really serious about keeping somebody out – if it is available to the mass market, it probably isn’t as secure as you think.  This is a common mistake many people make when selecting a lock.  In addition, do your keys have legal protection from duplication?  Another key aspect when selecting the right locks for your business or residence.  The primary options include mechanical lock cylinders, a combination of mechanical and electronic cylinders, and “intelligent” electronic cylinders.

When looking at which lock you should use for your business or home, here are three important questions you should ask:

  1. Will you be handing out the keys to your locks?
  2. Do you care if the people who get the keys get them duplicated without your permission?
  3. Would you like to know who goes through your doors and when?

As you can see, much of this is about control and monitoring to ensure your security.  As you consider this, remember three key points about high security lock cylinders:

  1. Most locks come with very common keyways and lock cylinders that can be duplicated without your knowledge
  2. Two key blanks make up over 90% of all door lock keys, and these 2 offer NO control in being duplicated
  3. Upgrading your current lock cylinders is not that costly and can offer significantly improved security and assurance

Having high security lock cylinders allows you to use keys that are controlled and can only be copied with your expressed, written permission.  Limiting key duplication is one of the most important elements of these types of cylinders.  Standard locks just can’t offer the assurance and peace of mind high security locks provide.  And if you are looking for the “Peace of Mind” you have the best lock solution to protect your assets, employees and customers, think about high security locks.  Because a lock is not just a lock any longer.

One Response to Are you really secure with your Locks?

  1. Katherine, I think that none of us is a 100% secure, But as yout article says – the job of the locksmith is to make us feel more secure.
    Thanks for the article 🙂

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