Are you “running with scissors” with your security?

Security can be likened to “running with scissors” if you aren’t putting the right measures in place to protect you and your business.  There was a great article in Bankers Online that talked about the steps necessary to be more secure.  They talked about two types of criminals, the “terrorists” and the “copycats”.

Their article, “Are You Running With Scissors? Physical Security: What You Should Be Doing Now!” talks about the difference between the two.  I loved their definition of the “copycats”, where they said, “Terrorists are simply thugs with a fancy name. And a thug is a person who wants to steal from you or to hurt you. Copycats are just thugs who don’t even have an original thought.”  Even though they might just be thugs we still have to protect ourselves and businesses from these criminals.

The article gives some great examples around the elements necessary to create a safe and secure environment.  It includes such factors as Risk Security and Assessment and having a Crisis Management Plan.  In essence, the key is to have a well designed security plan that starts with the perimeter and moves inside the organization.  It also gives a great description of how the organization should incorporate the employees as well as outside vendors and partners.  The goal is to build a team that can help provide the guidance and support throughout the organization.

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