Summertime is “Prime Time” for Thieves

Breaking in through windowNow that summer has officially started everyone is happy and excited. Thieves are no exception. In fact, they are really excited this time of year because we, as business owners and home owners, make it easy for them during the summer months.

It’s warm outside, so what do we normally do? We either want to cool it down because we don’t have air conditioning (like most in the PNW) or we want to open the windows and doors to let the wonderful warm, fresh air to fill the room. Either way, it is an invitation to burglars. Not because they just walk in during the day, although that certainly happens, but because we get forgetful. We forget to close that one last window, or latch the one last door and that is what the burglar is counting on…us forgetting just one point of entry.

If you have a security system in place, hopefully it is one that can detect when a window or door is left unlatched or open. If so, it will help remind you when you go to set it. But if not, your security system won’t be helping you out much if you give them open and free access to your property. So here’s a quick checklist for you to keep in mind and with you during the summer months…

  • Check the windows and make sure they are both closed and latched
  • Check all doors and make sure they are closed
  • Make sure the doors are locked with the deadbolt (without the deadbolt, about anyone can break through a door nob lock)
  • Check to see the lights are out in key areas and some left on in entry ways
  • Set the alarm system
  • If your alarm system gives you a “code” – don’t ignore it…clear it or call your security company

These might sound simple, but most burglaries occur because of one of these items being missed…not the security system. So do yourself a huge favor and truly enjoy the summer knowing you and your employees and loved ones (as well as your possessions) are safe this summer. An extra 5 minutes to follow the checklist can save you hours with the police and insurance companies. And most of all, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER…we don’t get it that long so take advantage of it every day!

3 Responses to Summertime is “Prime Time” for Thieves

  1. Thank you for informative article Katherine. I also recommend turn on a radio or any other source of sounds and music louder when you leave empty flat or house for a long time. This creates a sense of presence and deters some categories of burglars. Sometimes even video camera dummy can turn the attacker back.

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