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The Weakest Link…

Everyone knows the story of the weakest link.  Wherever the weakest link is in the chain, that is where it is most likely to break.  Security is no exception and criminals and others know this rule better than anyone – so do your employees!

That is a scary thought for sure.  When you think about it, most security focuses on the crimes that happen “internal” to a business as much or more than those perpetrated from the “outside” of the business.  Most thefts come from inside the business, not from an outside threat.  This makes security that much more difficult.  It is actually much easier to keep someone out than to monitor and track those on the inside that know the system.

There was a great discussion by IT Business Edge called, “Don’t Underestimate Physical Security“, that talked about how important security is and how you can make it really work for your business.  They had some great advice, some of which was…

Remember, if you share a building with someone, as in a multi-tenant building, the tenant with the weakest security policies becomes your biggest security threat.  In an economy where companies are reducing their workforce, physical security has never been so important.

Stay tuned…we’ll talk more about some of the nuances of “internal” security in some later posts.

2 Responses to The Weakest Link…

  1. I would just like to say that I am very pleased from the service I received from Watson Security. The tech that came out to my property to change out a very complicated bar type lock that was put in wrong by the tenant that had moved out. He was very knowledgeable about this type of lock and I was very confident that he would do a great job. He got the job done efficiently and he was really nice too. His name I believe was Steve Leming. Thank you and I will recommend Watson Security to all of my property managers.

  2. Kristina,

    I wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful comments about Steve and our company.

    We strive to provide top quality service and peace of mind to our clients’ everyday. When we get positive feed back from professionals like you it makes me smile knowing we accomplished what we set out to do. That is why we come to work every day.

    I also appreciate the time you took to use our company site to leave you comments on. We are always interested in what you have to say.

    Again, Thank you!


    Rob Watson

    Watson Security Group

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