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When it comes to keeping an eye on things today, mainly your business, there is nothing better than having a Video Surveillance system in place.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words – if so, how much is a video worth?  We think a lot, especially when it comes to your security.

Even when you have the best Access Systems there are times when only video surveillance gives you the total control over what is happening at certain time and location.  It also gives you a video record of what has happened in the past that you can review and capture the activity.  It is like having an extra set of eyes on whatever you want whenever you can’t be there to watch it yourself.  In fact, even when we are there we miss things going on around us so this way you can capture these events in case you missed them the first time.  And they can be used in court or by law enforcement to help recreate or capture an intruder.

Some of the questions you should be asking in regard to Video Surveillance are:

  • What if the area you will be viewing and recording?
  • Will you want to record or just view in real time?
  • If you do record, how long should this occur?
  • Speed of capture of the video – many don’t realize they have this option to slow things down if necessary.
  • How many sites do you have to watch and record?
  • Where do you place the cameras – in the open or hidden?
  • What is the distance from camera to object(s)
  • What is the best lighting conditions for a camera – day or night?

If Video is important to your “Peace of Mind” and will help you be more secure, it is well worth the investment.  In fact, property consistenly sells for more when it has a surveillance system and can make the new owners much happier.  In addition, one area that is important in the world of surveillance is the safety of your employees.  There is no question they will feel much more comfortable if they know “someone” in the organization is watching them when they are coming and going from work.

Again, get a strategy of what you need and how you are going to set it up and your employees and customers will greatly appreciate it and feel more secure. In fact, even those who just visit your business will know you care about them when they know when you can come and go with someone watching you.  Just another example of helping you create your own “Peace of Mind”.

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