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Is your SAFE, Safe?

If there is one piece of equipment that people associate with security it is the SAFE.  Maybe its because it was one of the original devices used to secure money and valuables.  Whatever the reason, it is still one of the most common and sought after pieces of equipment we sell and service.  You can usually stop by our offices and see some antique safes that will really demonstrate how secure things were many years ago.

One thing you might not realize is that it takes special knowledge, training, and experience to install and work on safes. Safes are a specialty and you really want to make sure you work with a well established reputable company – and for good reason.  You don’t want just anyone installing or working on your safe who has the ability to open it without knowing the combination. Safes offer a level of physical security that cannot be matched with the door and walls of a building.  Safes can provide burglary protection or fire protection in addition to normal building security.  Some questions you should ask are:

  • What am I going to store in the safe?
  • How much will I be storing in the safe?
  • How often will I be accessing the safe?

Based on these questions, you can determine the best type and size of safe for your business or personal needs.  One of the most common mistakes when buying a safe is to not match it up with your specific needs identified in the questions above.  There is also the question of fire safety as well.  Another common mistake is to purchase your safe online because many shop based on size and not on need.  Size of save may not be the correct criteria if you need certain types of protection, including fire.  We recommend to have “Peace of Mind” that you talk with one of our Safe Professionals so you can specifically match your needs to the right product.

One Response to Is your SAFE, Safe?

  1. I have a condo in eastside and has the safemark safe system. I have a tenant lock himself out with no battery. I do not remember any key was given when I bought the condo. I asked property management for any master key,but they have no ideas. My tenant called locksmith and they will drill the safe and not garuntee anything to fix or open. I do have a copy of Safemark users manual and service guide. It sound like it needs EHO to open? Do you have any ideas? Please help!! I have known Agens co. My husband used your service for special keys in the past. I would like to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

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